Our Vision:

Thriving American Cities

From Richmond, California, to Providence, Rhode Island, many cities across the nation continue to face significant economic challenges. These cities – and the people who live there – are essential to the nation’s economic future. With the right leaders, collaborating partners, new solutions and bold actions, these places and their people can achieve economic turnarounds and prosper.

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Planning & Implementation

We partner with elected local leaders in economically challenged communities to develop and implement recovery strategies.

Peer Learning

We facilitate opportunities for local leaders to connect and share insight, experience, and challenges with their peers in other cities.


We conduct research to provide local leaders and state and federal policymakers with information they need to adopt policies that foster economic revitalization in economically challenged cities.

Success Story

A Cross-Cutting Approach in Cleveland Heights

Cleveland Heights, Ohio is an inner ring suburb of 45,000 residents that has lost nearly 10% of its population since 2000. Working with the city manager, the Network provided advice on how the city could best facilitate redevelopment of a failing, privately-owned, 65-acre mall, practical support for better using technology and data to drive code enforcement, and a strategy for the launch of a partnership with a community development corporation to drive neighborhood revitalization.

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Minor league baseball has long been popular in small and midsize cities. More recently, #LocalGov have learned their stadiums (and very affordable tickets!) can revitalize downtowns as they attract reliable crowds: by Michelle M. Havich for @AmerCityCounty

Minor league baseball is helping cities hit a revitalization home run - American City and County

Some mid-sized cities have built hometown baseball stadiums, which have created a focal point for downtown revitalization.


Federal relief for #DisasterRecovery can take months to reach impacted communities. Priscilla Almodovar at our partner @EnterpriseNow proposes Congress permanently authorize the CDBG-DR program, and private sector fill critical $ gaps: via @FortuneMagazine

Commentary: The private market can speed up disaster recovery. Here's how

Once disaster survivors are out of immediate danger, the wait begins for long-term help. The private sector can bridge the gap.


As labor groups stake their positions on California's draft AB2011, the #AffordableHousing and High Road Jobs Act, upping substandard wages and counting workers' experience for #Apprenticeships inch closer to reality: by @manuelatobiasm for @CalMatters

Anti-worker or pro-worker? Why labor unions are fighting over a housing bill

Bills trying to solve the California housing crisis often lack union support. One new bill is backed by carpenters unions, but not others.


Secretaries @SecRaimondo, @SecMartyWalsh, and @SecCardona have committed to scale #Equity and opportunity for workers.

That includes better communication about #Apprenticeships, other upskilling resources the federal government funds: via @jfftweets

Cabinet Secretaries Commit to Scaling Equity and Opportunity

At JFF’s Horizons summit last year, Marty Walsh, Miguel Cardona, and Gina Raimondo started a conversation about building more equitable workforc...


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