City of Yuba City: Building and Sustaining Strong Career Pathways

Report National Resource Network Yuba City, California March 21, 2016 Workforce Development

In November 2014, Yuba City requested assistance from the National Resource Network, to determine and initiate the next steps towards the City’s economic recovery. After completing an assessment, the Network team recommended two courses of action: 1) a funding evaluation of sewer and water infrastructure to serve new development and help spur economic development, jobs, and housing; and 2) assistance for local employers to strengthen the jobs readiness pipeline. The attached report addresses the jobs readiness pipeline study. (The sewer and water infrastructure funding is in a separate report available here.)

The Network team analyzed the workforce development landscape in Yuba City to provide recommendations on strengthening its systems. The team conducted background research, asset mapping interviews with key stakeholders, and a labor market assessment to develop a roadmap for City stakeholders. The resulting products are: an asset mapping assessment of the Yuba City workforce and education systems, a labor market analysis and set of strategic recommendations for development of career pathways and, finally, a set of sustainability considerations for the recommendations that the City chooses to implement.

These three products are combined into a single report here to inform the stakeholders’ ongoing efforts to build opportunity for residents and a talent pipeline for employers in the region. The report is broken into three main parts based on the products described above; the recommendations are offered primarily through the lens of developing strong grade 9-14 career pathways for youth and technical career pathways for adults. Part III provides guidance for sustainability planning such as strong governance, securing reliable funding sources, and important regional connections to leverage.

The portion of the Network’s engagement in Yuba City was led by Network consortium member Jobs for the Future.

City of Yuba City: Building and Sustaining Strong Career Pathways