City of Yuba City: A Funding Evaluation of Water and Sewer Infrastructure

Report National Resource Network Yuba City, California March 21, 2016 Finance + Operation

In November 2014, Yuba City requested assistance from the National Resource Network, to determine and initiate the next steps towards the City’s economic recovery. After completing an assessment, the Network team recommended two courses of action: 1) a funding evaluation of sewer and water infrastructure to serve new development and help spur economic development, jobs, and housing; and 2) assistance for local employers to strengthen the jobs readiness pipeline. The attached report addresses the sewer and water infrastructure funding. (The jobs readiness pipeline study is in a separate report available here.)

The purpose of the water and sewer CIP study was threefold:

  • Determine ability of City to construct needed sewer and water infrastructure to support new development in West Yuba City
  • Identify funding options to close funding gaps and provide adequate funding when needed
  • Provide a roadmap for the City to ensure that funding options are properly anticipated and included in all new development projects

There were several key findings related to water and sewer construction and funding that impact the City’s ability to provide infrastructure when needed. Recommendations were developed to address these findings with the goal of balancing the City’s need for infrastructure and new development’s ability to provide the funding when needed. Specific finding and recommendations from the study are provided in the attached report.

This portion of the Network’s engagement in Yuba City was led by Network consortium member PFM.

City of Yuba City: A Funding Evaluation of Water and Sewer Infrastructure