City of Pittsfield: Efficiency Study

Report National Resource Network Pittsfield, Massachussetts December 15, 2017 Finance + Operation

When the Network first assessed Pittsfield, it found that the City had public and private sector support for change, but the city’s constrained and serious municipal fiscal situation posed a significant capacity challenge to implement economic and community development necessary to enhance its economic competitiveness. Over numerous years and administrations, the city had not sustainably taxed, managed, grown, and planned its finances. This challenge presented a primary impediment to the city’s ability to adequately invest in – and lead – necessary community and economic development efforts. At the time, the new administration had taken steps to begin the city’s journey to recovery, but its vision required additional fiscal sustainability.

The Network worked with the City of Pittsfield to perform an efficiency study to identify opportunities to reduce expenditures and increase revenues as part of a broader five-year effort to help the city grow its ratable base and sustainably increase its economic competitiveness. The study identified a series of initiatives that the city could take over the next five years to re-purpose and create new resources to invest in growing its existing economic development and community development efforts – further leveraging TDI investments in the Tyler Street district and Commonwealth investments in the city.

The Network’s engagement team in Pittsfield was led by Network consortium member PFM; this work was done as part of the Massachusetts State Resource Network (MassSRN).

City of Pittsfield: Efficiency Study