City of Jackson: Executive Coaching

Report National Resource Network Jackson, Mississippi December 15, 2015 Community Development + Housing

In 2015, the National Resource Network partnered with the City of Jackson, Mississippi, to provide executive coaching in support of economic revitalization leadership in the city’s downtown. The Network worked closely with the Director of Economic Development to develop implementation capacity for a thoughtful, creative and ambition vision for downtown revitalization, employment attraction and pubic infrastructure investment. The Network provided coaching to support building public-private relationships with community partners and stakeholder institutions in the city.

In partnership with the city, the Network also recognized significant challenges lingering from prior administrations that impeded implementation of the downtown vision, including a significant deficit in the city’s budget and sanctions imposed by the HUD field office, which obligated repayment of $1.5 million and suspension from participating in HUD-funded programs.

The Network provided coaching to the City in the following areas:

  • Working with HUD to resolve the outstanding HUD findings in order to allow the city to fully participate in HUD programs
  • Assisting with the design and creation of a not-for-profit organization to carry out the city’s economic and business development plans
  • Assisting with the development and implementation of a workforce development plan


The Network’s coaching assisted the Economic Development Director to formalize and finalize his partnerships within and without city government, to develop strategies for communicating his vision and plans to city residents, to implement strategies as they are developed, and to develop metrics to track progress with revitalization initiatives.

The Network’s engagement team in Jackson was led by Network consortium member Enterprise Community Partners.

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City of Jackson: Executive Coaching