City of Everett: An Affordable Housing Plan

Report National Resource Network Everett, Massachussetts June 1, 2018 Community Development + Housing

In 2017, the National Resource Network partnered with the City of Everett, Massachusetts, as part of the MassSRN initiative. As a result of this partnership, the Network produced Everett for Everyone, a five-year affordable housing plan.

Everett’s proximity to Boston, its attractive residential amenities, and its anticipated Encore Boston Harbor project, including a new casino and hotel, have led to a rapid increase in property values and real estate investment. Though beneficial from a fiscal standpoint, this rapid transformation has resulted in overcrowding, displacement pressure on low-to-moderate income households, and a diminishing supply of affordable housing for existing residents. As one of the most densely populated communities in Massachusetts, limited land availability hinders Everett’s ability to incorporate affordable housing directly into existing revitalization efforts. The city’s low vacancy rates put additional pressure on the demand for housing.

Working within this context, the Network collaborated with various city leaders to conduct additional research and analysis on the affordable housing needs in Everett.

Everett for Everyone outlines these critical actions the City of Everett can implement over the next five years (2018–2023) to increase residents’ housing security and increase the city’s supply of affordable housing:

  • Conducting Community Engagement
  • Creating the Everett Housing Opportunity Fund (housing trust fund)
  • Establishing Renter Relief & Protection Programming
  • Creating Supportive Land Use Standards
  • Preserving Existing Affordable Units
  • Remediating and Redeveloping Brownfields
  • Producing Affordable Housing
  • Building Capacity for Implementation

This plan also outlines an iterative timeline for implementation, including ramping up over five years to invest almost $1 million per year into an affordable housing trust fund, to be adjusted in the future as the population increases.

The Network’s engagement team in Everett was led by Network consortium member Enterprise Community Partners.

City of Everett: An Affordable Housing Plan