City of Danville: Creation of a Community Development Corporation

Report National Resource Network Danville, Virginia August 15, 2016 Community Development + Housing

In 2016, the Network provided the City of Danville, Virgnia, with technical assistance to support the creation of a non-profit community development corporation (CDC) to support comprehensive community revitalization strategies focused on improving housing and neighborhood economic development, reducing crime, and improving educational and health outcomes.

The Network helped facilitate a working group of civic leaders and stakeholders to inform the CDC’s composition and direction, identify board members, develop a hiring plan for the executive director, and explore potential target neighborhoods. The Network also provided orientation and capacity-building for the Board of Directors, connected Danville with a peer city’s CDC (Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation), and assisted in identifying future sources of funds from local foundations and other partners.

The Network also partnered with the City of Danville to establish a three-year timeline of actions to establish the new CDC and support its early development. The city also agreed to regularly review key indicators of the CDC’s success, including:

  • Community Engagement – As measured by the number of neighborhood work days and number of volunteer participants
  • Capacity Building – As measured by the number of trainings held for neighborhood nonprofits or resident leaders
  • Collaboration – As measured by the number of partnerships established with local organizations
  • Sustainability – As measured by the number of unique funding sources secured
  • Visibility – As measured by the number of media mentions, or website hits

As the CDC gained resources and capacity to complete rehabilitation projects or implement programming such as home-buyer assistance or a home-loan program, success metrics would be developed for each program in accordance with industry best practices. The Network provided ongoing support as a resource after the completion of the engagement, including additional support for Board development and on-call strategic direction guidance.

This portion of the Network’s engagement in Danville was led by consortium member Enterprise Community Partners. Learn more about the Network’s other two projects in Danville, a five-year financial plan for the city and a five-year financial plan for Danville Public Schools.

City of Danville: Creation of a Community Development Corporation