City of Brockton: An Asset-Based Communications Strategy for a Neighborhoods Initiative

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The City of Brockton, located 20 miles southwest of Boston and connected by Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority with approximately 30-minute single-seat transit to Boston’s South Station, is ideally situated to attract new residents and businesses. However, public perception impedes Brockton’s efforts at downtown economic development and changes in the racial makeup of the city have led to divisions.

The Network approached its partnership with the city from the standpoint that the foundation for building positive public perception of the city would begin with strengthening neighborhoods and utilizing an asset-based approach to communication. The city embraced the Network’s Communications Strategy for Brockton that centered on its strongest asset: people. To execute this plan, the city launched Brockton’s Neighborhoods Initiative with the Network’s support.

The Network’s report provides a summary of activities completed in April 2018 —the Youth Placemaking Workshop, the Final Reception, and the Network’s second Resident Leader training. The appendix includes documentation from activities completed throughout the engagement, from July 2017 through March 2018. These documents tell the story of the City of Brockton’s progress toward improving perceptions, and more importantly, leveraging residents’ commitment to work together to uplift the rich cultural diversity in Brockton’s neighborhoods.

To build on the considerable progress achieved to date, the Network recommended that the city of Brockton implement the following steps to further the support for the initiative:

  • provide funding to new and existing neighborhood associations;
  • provide additional training and guidance to new and existing neighborhood associations;
  • improve City communications; and
  • monitor the impact of these actions over the next three years


The Network’s engagement team in Brockton was led by Network consortium member Enterprise Community Partners; this work was done as part of the Massachusetts State Resource Network (MassSRN).

City of Brockton: An Asset-Based Communications Strategy for a Neighborhoods Initiative