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Since its launch, the Network has produced reports and guides to shed light on the challenges cities are facing and highlight strategies to address them successfully. Ranging from creating inclusive broadband policies to an in-depth look at the state of California’s distressed communities, these reports have provided critical research and insight for local leaders and stakeholders around the country.

Growing Wages and Jobs: How City Government Can Help Lead in Workforce Development and Public Education

In September 2018, the Network released, Growing Wages & Jobs: How City Government Can Help Lead in Workforce Development and Public Education. This report grew out of a convening with representatives from five cities (Baltimore, MD; Passaic, NJ; Salinas, CA; Waco, TX; and Winston-Salem, NC) to discuss their experiences linking economic development to workforce development and education.

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Accelerating Cities: Why States are the Most Important Partners for Economically Challenged Cities

In the United States, millions of people live in hundreds of cities small and large that are faced with high poverty rates, limited opportunities for employment, and continued population decline. In Accelerating Cities: Why States Are the Most Important Partners for Economically Challenged Cities, the Network underscores the need for state policymakers to strengthen these communities by providing financial support, but also by encouraging smarter fiscal planning, providing needed operational capacity, and fostering new economic opportunities.

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City-Level Health Data Dashboard

Hundreds of United States cities can identify their most pressing healthcare needs more accurately, thanks to a nationwide expansion of the City Health Dashboard, an innovative, pilot-studied health data visualization tool that gives city leaders access to regularly refreshed health-related data that, for the first time, is available at the city and neighborhood level. Created in partnership with the Network by the Department of Population Health at NYU Langone Medical Center, the Dashboard launched in 2016 and has expanded to 500 additional cities through a $3.4 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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Access and Inclusion in the Digital Age: A Resource Guide for Local Governments

Access and Inclusion in the Digital Age is designed to support U.S. communities in advancing their goals for high-speed Internet access and digital inclusion. The guide was developed through the collaborative efforts of six cities and with support from the National Resource Network and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

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City-State Partnerships That Promote Economic Recovery

Results of a 2014 Gallup survey indicate that while many Americans report skepticism of federal and state government, most trust their local government – the government closest to them and the one that they know best. However, policies and programs at the state level heavily influence many local government functions, and a city’s success or failure is often heavily dependent on its ability to establish a strong intergovernmental partnership.

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Why California’s Economically Challenged Cities Matter

Nearly 12 million Californians live in an economically challenged city. Twenty five percent of all challenged cities in the country are in California. In 2015, the Network researched the impact and potential of these communities on the state of California and found that they play a critical role in the state’s economy and have the potential to become significant catalysts for further economic growth.

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