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As the Network has partnered with cities across the country, local and national press has taken notice, frequently writing about the Network’s approach and impact.

Santa Maria, Lompoc economically challenged, study finds

Santa Maria and Lompoc are among California’s most economically challenged cities, according to a new study by the National Resource Network, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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Dan Walters: Our cities have become vulnerable

The National Resource Network identified 297 American cities deemed to be “economically challenged” and discovered that California has a disproportionately high number that suffer from high unemployment and poverty rates and low levels of educational attainment. The 77 California represent more than a quarter of the nationwide total, and they range in size from Los Angeles to Coachella.

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3 Steps Cities Can Take to Anchor Economic Partnerships

With a new approach, anchor institutions have the ability to accelerate economic development priorities and reshape their hometowns for the better.

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Economy is Up; So is State’s Distress

State leaders are right to tout all the good economic news. But policy makers need to deal seriously with these issues. The latest report doesn’t offer any answers to the state’s poverty problems, but it should raise critical questions when legislators return to Sacramento in January.

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Challenged California

California, the nation’s most populous state, is also the “most urban” state -- home to 12 million residents who live in 1 in 4 of the nation’s most “economically challenged” cities battered by unemployment and poverty, a new report finds.

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77 California Cities on “Economically Challenged” List

Nearly a third of Californians live in 77 “economically challenged” cities, with high levels of poverty and low levels of income and employment, a new study declares. The report from the National Resource Network says California’s distressed cities are more than a quarter of the 297 U.S. cities over 40,000 population that fall into that category.

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