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As the Network has partnered with cities across the country, local and national press has taken notice, frequently writing about the Network’s approach and impact.

Reckoning time for a city’s bad fiscal decisions

The longer a government's finances are allowed to deteriorate, the fewer options there are when corrective action is finally taken. Anyone who doubts that ought to look at a proposed 10-year plan commissioned by the city of Providence, R.I., and produced by the federal National Resource Network (NRN).

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Group says Springfield poverty trend will grow without action

Researchers from the National Resource Network presented a report about the city to the Springfield City Council at its lunch meeting on Tuesday.

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Scranton might create entity dedicated to downtown revitalization

The city reached an agreement with the National Resource Network for its assistance in guiding implementation of a revitalization plan for the city and anchor institutions and stakeholders to follow

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Put Providence on path to prosperity

The City of Providence’s economic future requires a plan to put its fiscal house in order and address several critical challenges head-on. We are confident that the city is on the path to prosperity.

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New Project Aims to Help Cities Finally Get Health Data They Can Use

Most data is collected at the county, not the city level, which means city leaders looking to improve residents’ health lack a baseline of information to work from.

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First of its kind: Local dashboard could help reduce smoking, obesity and poverty rates in Kansas City, Kansas

The National Resource Network developed a dashboard that provides needed data to create a baseline understanding of what is working in KCK and how it stacks up to similar cities.

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