On the Front Lines and the Front Page

As the Network has partnered with cities across the country, local and national press has taken notice, frequently writing about the Network’s approach and impact.

One of the “Most Miserable Cities” in the U.S. mounts a comeback

Through research and collaboration, the Network is bringing hope to struggling cities and helping them chart a course to financial recovery.

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Gary Mayor details ‘Recovery Plan’ in state of the city

"The good news is we have a plan," said Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson, when discussing how the city's crushing $17 million structural deficit is no easy fix.

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An agenda for forgotten cities

Network Director David Eichenthal outlines the need for the federal government to focus on strategies for economically challenged small and mid-size cities.

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Salinas Council likes ‘Tough’ suggestions on taxes, benefits but worries about feasibility

The National Resource Network's 214-page Salinas Plan offers ideas to relieve Salinas' gloomy budget outlook by addressing a looming $60 million deficit.

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Salem First for SRN Consortium

City chosen as first municipality for NJ State Resource Network (NJ SRN) consortium.

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Our View: Silver lining behind dire report is officials who are willing to act

The National Resource Network “Rockford Plan” is a seven-year blueprint for change. To us, it’s the right mix of urgency and farsightedness.

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