On the Front Lines and the Front Page

As the Network has partnered with cities across the country, local and national press has taken notice, frequently writing about the Network’s approach and impact.

$225,000 Grant to Help Providence Develop Long-Range Plan

The city has been awarded a $225,000 grant to help develop programs and policies to do better long-range planning for Providence’s needs and how to pay for them.

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Council pushing for 2-way downtown Waco streets, new bus system

At an all-day retreat, the Waco City Council and National Resource Network officials discussed how to move forward on a wide range of economic development and housing issues.

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Prosper Waco education effort on right track, consultants say

National Resource Network representatives congratulated Prosper Waco officials for their efforts and said they were on the right track to making substantial changes in the community.

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The new grand bargain between cities and anchor institutions

Anchor institutions spur economic growth and innovation, but are still lacking cooperation with cities themselves.

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Mayor Butt: State controller cancels threat of Richmond audit

The Richmond City Council authorized the city manager to move ahead with an agreement with the National Resource Network to provide the City of Richmond with expert assistance in building a sophisticated long-term financial model that can inform internal decision-making and address some of the concerns of the bond rating agencies.

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Are Waco’s chronic poverty woes a lost cause? Q&A with National Resource Network Executive Director David Eichenthal

Last week, the National Resource Network began a series of monthly visits to Waco to help craft and refine strategies overseen by the Prosper Waco planning process focused on battling poverty. During the visit, National Resource Network executive director David Eichenthal sat down with the Trib to discuss the network mission and what his colleagues heard in Waco.

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