New Council president wants city to focus on infrastructure

Meridian, Mississippi Jeff Byrd The Meridian Star June 20, 2015 Economic Development

Hammon cited two other issues that will affect how Meridian moves forward in the next year. One is the ongoing issue with the Environmental Protection Agency. In February, the EPA had alleged the city was in violation of the Clean Water Act, largely due to sewer system overflows during wet weather.

The second is with the National Resource Network (NRN). The city of Meridian is working with NRN to help further its role as the region’s medical hub by creating an enhanced medical district.

 “We are already doing something about both of those, so I feel that we are ahead of the curve,” Hammon said. “The NRN has come back with a report and not only said they can help us with the medical quarter, but they can also help us get some federal grants. Richie McAlister (assistant to Mayor Bland) at the mayor’s office, has been working with them and I think he’s done a great job of keeping communication with the National Resource Network so we can get these grants. We’ve already got the report, now we need them to help us push forward.”