Mayor Yarber’s 2015 State of the City Address

Jackson, Mississippi Tony Yarber The Clarion Ledger July 31, 2015 Finance + Operation

“As the year approaches, we are pleased to have federal and private partnerships that see the viability in our great city. The National Resource Network, an organization derived from a White House initiative to build stronger communities and stronger cities, will be partnering with us in our endeavor to foster more economic development throughout Jackson which includes the often forgotten South and West sides of town. This opportunity to create lasting economic growth in our city speaks to the belief that external partners have in our city. As work with the National Resource Network takes off this year, the city will also host an initiative geared toward improving performance management, data analysis, and creating an Open Data platform for Jackson. This would allow citizens to see real time results and information about the challenges, finances, and progression of our city. Industry leading experts will be brought in to assist with the development of this plan, and thanks to the backing of outside funding our city will move forward and be better without causing a financial burden of the city or its citizens.”