Federal agency announces recommendations for downtown Scranton revitalization

Scranton, Pennsylvania Peter Cameron The Times-Tribune.com February 10, 2017 Economic Development

A report announced Thursday by National Resource Network designates volunteer community leadership organization Scranton Tomorrow as the city’s lead partner in a push to revitalize the downtown. Tools to accomplish that goal could include offering businesses and property owners tax incentives, renovating and repurposing old buildings to make them more attractive to buyers and planting trees and other greenery in downtown areas, said Leslie Memolo Collins, executive director of Scranton Tomorrow.

“There was a lot of excitement that there really is some focus on improving the downtown and there’s a plan to do so,” Mr. Bulzoni said. “Much more work to come, but at least there’s a commitment.” The plan calls for the city, state and nonprofits to each kick in $500,000 toward the effort, Mr. Bulzoni said. The contributions would be a one-time donation from each entity, he said. “There’s a real opportunity to leverage those dollars” for economic development projects, such as in matching grants that nonprofit organizations might need to achieve a goal, he said. Another recommendation involves forming a stakeholder board, which would discuss funding matters, Mr. Bulzoni said.