The Network is on the ground with cities across the country. As we partner with local leaders to develop strategies to fuel their turnaround, you can read about our insights and learnings here.

By Stephen Goldsmith

Stephen Goldsmith: The Basics of Big Data

Former Indianapolis Mayor and Harvard Professor Stephen Goldsmith discusses a staged and common sense approach for using data to improve services.

By David Eichenthal

David Eichenthal: A False Choice

The Network's Executive Director argues that local government leaders don’t have to choose between a balanced budget and investment in economic growth.

By Neil Kleiman

Neil Kleiman: From Washington, a ‘311 for Cities’

The new National Resource Network aims to help local governments find the experts and information they need.

By Eric Rothman

Eric Rothman: Organizing for Local Economic Growth

HR&A Advisors President Eric Rothman lays out the keys for organizing a city’s economic development services.

By Mark Funkhouser

Mark Funkhouser: How Cities Can Face Hard Truths

Former Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser, who currently publishes Governing magazine, discusses the challenging realities facing cities today.

By Richard Florida

Richard Florida: Livable Cities and Their Ability to Create Jobs

Urban studies theorist, professor, and author Richard Florida shares the advice he would offer a newly elected mayor, how cities can use data, and one key to successful economic development.

By David Eichenthal

David Eichenthal: What Washington is Doing to Prevent More Detroits

How the federal government is supporting local governments facing economic challenges.

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