The Network is on the ground with cities across the country. As we partner with local leaders to develop strategies to fuel their turnaround, you can read about our insights and learnings here.

By Aurie Serrette

Ohio State Resource Network: Webinar and Q&A

The Network, in cooperation with the Greater Ohio Policy Center, Arnold Ventures and the Just Transition Fund, is excited to announce the creation of the Ohio State Resource Network, which brings the Network’s comprehensive, tailored approach and proven tools to Ohio county and local governments.

By Ryan McNeely

Seaside Heights’ Roller Coaster Recovery is Back on Track

As part of the NJ State Resource Network, Seaside Heights has partnered with the National Resource Network to develop a multi-year financial, housing, and economic resiliency plan.


Funder Arnold Ventures Highlights the Value of the Network’s Approach and Impact

Through research and collaboration, the National Resource Network is bringing hope to struggling cities and helping them chart a course toward financial recovery.

By Danielle Scott

Gary, Ind. Mayor Cites Network Financial Model as Key to Future Success

The Network's partnership with the City of Gary, Indiana, sets the city on a path to sound short- and long-term financial planning.

By Russ Branson

Network Presents Multi-Year Financial Plan to Salinas, CA

To bridge a looming $63M budget gap, Network team advises that Salinas must make big, tough decisions to cut costs and generate revenue.


City Health Dashboard Announces Life Expectancy Metric

Network partner City Health Dashboard announces new life expectancy metric to help show impact of location on quality and length of life.

By David Eichenthal

Rockford Must Do Things Differently and Do Different Things

Network Director David Eichenthal shares his thoughts on how Rockford, IL, can strategically manage through significant budget deficits.

By Ryan McNeely

Network Announces Partnership with City of Rockford, IL

Network to work with City leadership to develop seven-year financial plan; City to adopt long-term financial planning policy, bringing benefits to taxpayers and the City.

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