The Network is on the ground with cities across the country. As we partner with local leaders to develop strategies to fuel their turnaround, you can read about our insights and learnings here.

By Victoria Brown

Equitable Recovery Starts with a Cross-Sector Approach to Meeting City Needs

Equitable recovery cannot be achieved through a piecemeal approach; policy, capital and capacity influence disparate outcomes.

By Greater Ohio Policy Center

COVID-19 Response and Recovery Webinar Series Recap

This summer, the Ohio State Resource Network hosted a Planning for Recovery webinar series featuring presentations and supplemental handouts on transformational strategies in response to COVID-19.

By David R. Eichenthal

Ending Systemic Racism

What Should Local Government Do?

By David R. Eichenthal

The Fiscal Case for Defunding the Police

Demands to “defund the police” are seen as radical; they’re not.

By David R. Eichenthal

Fiscal aid to cities is essential, but must be more than one-size-fits-all

The next looming crisis resulting from COVID-19 is the impact of both the public health and economic crises on state and local government finances. Federal fiscal relief will be crucial to national recovery but must recognize the unique needs of state and local governments.

By Jonathan Tarr

The Network is 7! Here’s a look back at our work

For 7 years, the National Resource Network has been empowering local government leaders from economically challenged communities to take on their toughest problems. Partnering with more than 60 cities in 22 states, the NRN team continues to deliver cross-cutting assistance for economic turnaround and resilient recovery.

By Michelle Juma

Geo-Targeting: A New Strategy for Neighborhood Revitalization in Rockford

The Network's engagement in Rockford, IL produced a unique tool that provides city leaders with guidance on the decision making and implementation process of neighborhood improvement strategies.

By Lindsey Elam, AICP at Greater Ohio Policy Center

The Ohio State Resource Network Completes Community Assessments

The Ohio State Resource Network has completed assessments of the six finalist cities requesting assistance from the Network.

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