311 for Cities: Infrastructure Improvements and Smart Technologies

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In June 2015, a city submitted a request through the National Resource Network’s 311 for Cities feature regarding best practices for improving city infrastructure with a focus on water systems and roads, and a specific request for information on “smart city technologies” to improve their infrastructure delivery system. The attached write‐up was researched, developed, and shared with the city by the Network to provide case studies, best practices, and financing models for water and road systems, as well as key considerations when integrating smart technologies into these infrastructure projects.

Network experts explained the possibility of establishing an infrastructure trust to improve coordination, leverage resources with other government entities and identify private financing opportunities for large scale projects. The report then explores best practices, broader “smart” data opportunities, and alternative financing approaches for both water and roads.

311 for Cities launched with the Network in 2014 and – at its peak – was available to more than 600 cities around the country. Local government staff in these communities could submit a question on any challenge they were facing and the Network team would develop a written response highlighting recent research, relevant case studies and best practices. This is one of those responses. The Network no longer offers 311 for Cities, but please contact us at info@nationalresourcenetwork.org if you think we can be of help to your community.

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311 for Cities: Infrastructure Improvements and Smart Technologies