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As the Network has partnered with cities across the country, local and national press has taken notice, frequently writing about the Network’s approach and impact.

National Resource Network

In a vote of 5-0 the Meridian City Council Tuesday passed a memorandum of understanding that will provide Meridian with assistance from the National Resource Network to help provide various expertise for improving Meridian and the surrounding areas.

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Editorial: Trenton’s inclusion in national ‘311 for Cities’ provides valuable resources for change

Sounding as if it were tailor-made for Trenton, the Network offers direct access to experts, technical advice and information that can help city leaders address the “challenges of growing inequality, high unemployment, under-performing schools, aging infrastructure, and vacant and blighted properties.”

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From Washington, a “311 for Cities”

The network will employ a distinct approach. Rather than starting with a bold new theory of urban change, it will be listening to what cities need first and then customizing the right action-based solution for them.

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Obama administration selects Trenton to participate in national aid pilot program

The city is one of four cities in the state eligible to participate in the National Resource Network, a pilot program launched by the Obama administration last Thursday to serve as a "311 for cities."

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Troubled Fall River to get outside advice

Fall River remains is participating in a pilot program of the Obama administration that parachutes specialists into communities with seemingly intractable economic problems to help develop a plan for revitalization.

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City in new network to promote economic progress

Mayor Chris Boswell said the 311 program allows city officials to access the NRN website for an online account that enables fast, direct contact with private and public sector leaders. He noted that Harlingen is among four cities in Texas selected to join the consortium.

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