National Resource Network's Peer Activity

Peer learning is a key component of the National Resource Network’s approach to working with cities. Local leaders tackling similar challenges have a lot to learn from each other; to help facilitate exchanges between communities, the Network began researching best practices in peer activity and soliciting feedback from cities already engaged with the Network on what kinds of opportunities they would like to see created. Based on the information gathered during those processes, the Network has designed a peer networking strategy that includes:

  • In-person convenings: The Network will hold an annual, in-person event. Read more about our first gathering on our blog (here and here), or take a look at this video to see what participants had to say.

  • Webinars: Content will promote and explain the Network’s resources; feature cities debriefing their Network experiences; and introduce experts who can provide resources related to a commonly faced challenge.

  • City-to-city exchanges: Will pair two cities dealing with similar issues and facilitate an exchange to see how each is addressing it.

  • Peer listserve: Will provide quick answers and connections between participants on an on-going basis.

  • Newsletter: Will highlight new material on the website, accolades, debriefs from recent engagements, release of new reports, etc.

The Network hopes to build out these offerings over the coming months. We are guided in these efforts by a Steering Committee comprised of representatives from Flint, MI; Kansas City, KS; Meridian, MS; Miami, FL; and Youngstown, OH.