Access and Inclusion in the Digital Age: A Resource Guide for Local Governments

Access and Inclusion in the Digital Age is a resource guide designed to support U.S. communities of all sizes and geographies in advancing their goals for high-speed Internet access and digital inclusion. The guide was developed through the collaborative efforts of six cities that have all been active in enhancing broadband Internet access and addressing the digital divide in their respective communities. These cities include:

  • Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • Gonzales, California

  • Greensboro, North Carolina

  • New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Springfield, Missouri

  • Youngstown, Ohio

With support from the National Resource Network (NRN) and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), representatives of the six cities communicated regularly about the broadband Internet access and digital literacy initiatives underway in their communities, highlighting major obstacles encountered and key lessons learned. By sharing information on programs, practices, challenges, and opportunities from their own communities, these six cities were not only able to learn from one another, but also to produce the following resource guide for the benefit of other communities.

Peer-to-peer learning is a core component of NRN’s mission.  In addressing the digital divide, we believe that there is tremendous value in the exchange of information and resources between communities.  This resource guide will serve as both a valuable source of information and a vehicle for continued communication and collaboration between local government stakeholders focused on broadband and digital inclusion.

Download the complete resource guide here. 

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