A Need for New Federal Policy to Spur Economic Turnaround in Forgotten Cities


David Eichenthal

National Resource Network Executive Director David Eichenthal writes on TheHill.com about the importance of mid-sized cities, the lack of strategic federal resources to strengthen them, and the kind of federal support that could lead to their future success. In the op-ed, he says:

"While popular as campaign stops, small and mid-sized cities are often forgotten in the public debate. Now that the elections are over, it’s time to face a tough reality – current federal policy doesn’t have good answers for these places or the people who live there. As a start, the federal government needs to recognize that these cities matter.

There is not a long list of policy areas where bi-partisanship is likely in the next two years. But given the political importance of these places, this should be one where action is possible."


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