Consortium Statement on Network Launch

Statement on the Launch of the National Resource Network: New Solutions for Cities

May 22, 2014

Today, the Obama Administration and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced the launch of the National Resource Network, a pilot program designed to serve as a “311” portal through which communities nationwide will connect to a network of experts who will provide local governments with ideas and assistant to aid the turnaround of local economies.

As members of the Consortium selected last year to lead the Network, we are delighted to join in the announcement.

"For more than 30 years, Enterprise has been working with communities to tackle some of the toughest challenges they face, and we are very eager to begin offering strategic counsel as part of the National Resource Network," said Terri Ludwig, president and CEO of Enterprise Community Partners. "Enterprise's visionary co-founder Jim Rouse, whose 100th birthday we commemorate this year, pushed America to think more broadly about connecting communities to build opportunity, and our involvement in National Resource Network builds on his legacy.”

“As the nation’s leading independent financial advisor for local, state, and regional government entities, Public Financial Management, Inc. understands the tremendous need to provide sustainable solutions and strategic assistance to communities throughout the country.  We are honored to be working with the National Resource Network’s consortium of organizations to improve the financial health of local governments,” stated PFM’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director John Bonow.  “We are particularly proud that one of our Managing Directors, David Eichenthal, is serving as Executive Director of NRN. Working with communities across the nation, PFM has developed hundreds of financial and management plans to help cities succeed, and we are strongly committed to this initiative and its promise to make positive, long lasting impacts in people’s lives.”

“America’s economic strength is driven largely by local leadership,” said Eric Rothman, President of HR&A Advisors. “We look forward to working with our NRN partners to help cities across the U.S. realize more innovative and inclusive economic development through this exciting new partnership.”

“ICMA is proud to be part of this unique partnership of federal agencies, academics, nonprofits, and consultants, all of whom are focused on strengthening local governments and local economies,” says ICMA Executive Director Robert J. O’Neill, Jr. “The NRN partnership offers communities the expertise and investment of a diverse set of organizations and will provide much-needed resources and assistance to some of the most challenged communities throughout the United States.”

 “We applaud the Obama Administration for dedicating resources to America’s cities and to its efforts focused on the crucial intersection where theory and practice meet," said Sherry Glied, Dean of NYU Wagner. "The great value of the National Resource Network is to work at this intersection—identifying how good and proven ideas can be put to use by practitioners and policymakers to strengthen economically-challenged urban areas."

The Obama Administration has committed $10 million in initial funding from HUD for the effort and the consortium has committed to fundraising an additional $10 million.  The Annenberg Foundation, Ford Foundation and Surdna Foundation have already committed to provide funding to support the work of the Network as well.