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311 for Cities: City Interventions in High Crime Apartment Complexes

In March 2017, a city submitted a request through the National Resource Network’s 311 for Cities feature, which allowed select cities to pose a question and receive a researched, tailored response from the experts in the Network in 72 hours. This city inquired about how cities can deal with apartment complexes that have a high crime rate. The attached write-up was researched, developed, and shared with the city by the Network to provide a summary of current thinking and best practices in this area.  

There are a number of strategies in use in communities across the country to address criminal activity operating in apartment complexes. Strategies vary depending on the type of crime, demographics and characteristics of the housing and the broader community, and other factors. Most effective strategies are based on developing a partnership between law enforcement, property owners/managers and community members.  This summary highlights community policing, landlord training, and additional online resources for local leaders to consider when addressing this problem.