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Access and Inclusion in the Digital Age: A Resource Guide for Local Governments

Access and Inclusion in the Digital Age is a resource guide designed to support U.S. communities of all sizes and geographies in advancing their goals for high-speed Internet access and digital inclusion.

The resource guide represents an innovative model for intercity collaboration and peer learning. While federal agencies, nonprofits, foundations, and private interests have produced much information on digital inclusion, a resource guide on this subject produced by a consortium of city leaders for the benefit of cities nationwide is unprecedented. The perspectives of the authors and the target audience are completely in alignment, which allows for greater sensitivity to the financial, social, and political realities that will impact communities seeking to launch new initiatives.

This resource guide is intended to be a tool to facilitate two-way communication. Rather than simply providing information in a static format, the resource guide will be the vehicle through which the six cities and other future participants continue to collaborate, build knowledge, and share resources. It will be a dynamic repository of best practices and key considerations that will evolve as the collective knowledge of participating communities grows.

The resource guide is intended to be a living document, updated regularly with new information from the original six cities, as well as ideas, questions, and resources from any other community interested in advancing its goals for broadband Internet access and digital inclusion.