How-to, Guide or Manual

(Re)Building Downtown: A Guidebook for Revitalization

(Re)Building Downtown: A Guidebook for Revitalization is a resource for local elected officials who want to re-invigorate and strengthen neighborhood centers of economy, culture, and history through a smart growth approach to development. This guide uses Smart Growth America’s seven-step approach to downtown redevelopment:

  1. Understand your community

  2. Create an attractive, walkable place

  3. Diversify economic uses

  4. Plan for equity

  5. Improve government regulations and processes

  6. Finance projects

  7. Establish on-going place management

This guidebook will discuss each of the above steps in detail, and provide specific ways for communities to implement each. Any community, of any size can use this approach. Through public engagement, strategic planning, public commitment, and ongoing support, you can create a place that unites your community, attracts visitors, and supports businesses for years to come.